Reading Challenge

This year so many great books are being released, so I did not want to box myself in and force myself to read books just for the challenge. I did that last year and I detested it. I mean we read for fun so this year I have decided not to have a challenge. I will try to come up with something else just for fun.

Goodreads Reading Challenge: 52 Books

Also you might have noticed that I have significantly scaled down my Goodreads Reading Challenge too, again this is for my sanity this year. I'm pretty sure I'll end up reading more than 52 books, but I didn't want to pressure myself this year. I'll try to be less lazy for the second half of 2017 lovelies!

So instead of the Reading Challenge, here are my 2017 Reading Goals

  • Read more Indie Books (New post about this soon!)
  • Read at least 5 Paperbacks
  • Listen to more Audiobooks
  • Start and Finish a Series longer than 10 Books
  • A Poetry Book
  • Start and Finish a NEW Series
  • Read more comics (There's just some nostalgia about reading comics for me)
  • A Chinese Book (This is a big one for me, because well my vocabulary is limited but I SHALL TRY! The big task will be to find a book that I can actually read.)

I will try keep this page updated. Like I said I want to be less lazy in the second half of 2017!

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